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If your business is not leveraging the potential of social media, you're losing out on traffic. The content you post on social media - no matter what your platform of choice is - has the power to turn your followers into customers. It is important for your business to have a social media strategy so that you are not just sporadically posting updates to your audience whenever you get a spare minute or two. 

 Showcasing you, the business owner, is difficult and nerve racking.  At the same time you see the need for the world to see and hear your story, from you. Your clientele wants to connect with you as a person and a personality. Spending the day being pampered as a super model (with a lot more calories involved), sharing the energy of two other small business owners and brainstorming ideas throughout the day with the entire team will make this experience enjoyable if not absolutely fabulous. 

How can we help?

What if we told you that we could create all of your content for an entire month in just one day?

  • Stunning photography consistent with your branding

  • A clear strategy that outlines when, what and how to post to social media

  • Bespoke graphics to make your feed stand out

  • Authentic talking points to help write your captions

  • Save you time and energy so you can focus on your business!

Who are we?


Stacie Ann Smith


Stacie has worked for over 20 years as an American photographer in Utah, Boston, Baltimore and Denver. In those years, she created an honest, gritty photographic style; fusing her interest in documentary and fashion photography with a touch of the fanciful, found in her fine art work. Her years of experience encompasses portrait, event, architectural, fashion and still life photography. One of her best skills is creating imagery that conveys emotion using expression, mood and the styling of each photograph. She has recently relocated to Sydney from Denver, Colorado, and looks forward to discovering and photographing Sydney and its people with a fresh set of eyes.


Emma Doyle


Emma is a self-proclaimed creative Swiss Army knife. With experience in fashion, ecommerce, print and digital media as well as social media marketing, she is passionate about helping simplify the creative process for business owners. 


She is the founder/designer behind Greener Studio, a passion project that grew into a full-time job after watching her non-creative friends struggling to do creative tasks for their small businesses. 


Emma specialises in creating authentic branding, design and marketing tailored to each and every client. 

What is Personal Branding?

No matter what industry you work in, or where you live, everyone is a CEO of their own personal brand, and it is important to market yourself just as you would any product or service you are selling. 


Personal branding is an ongoing process to establish an image or impression in the mind of others about yourself. 

It’s the association people have to your name. Every piece of content you create, whether it is your website, an Instagram post or an email you send contributes to your personal brand. 

The benefits of establishing a strong and memorable personal brand - 

  • Highlights your differences

  • Creates trust

  • Boosts your credibility and authority

  • Differentiates you from the competition

  • Ensures authenticity


Personal Branding Group Sessions

Personal branding group sessions start at $1,400 for one month of daily content to post across as many social media platforms as your little heart pleases. 

Your booking includes the full experience: 

  • Share the day with two other small business owners

  • Enjoy complimentary wine and nibbles

  • Professional hair & makeup so you look your very best

  • Bring along props to tell your story, as well as 4-6 outfits for variety

  • Walk away with 20-30 images from a professional photographer - a mix of gorgeous, soulful portraits as well as relevant lifestyle images. 

  • One month social media strategy - how, where & what to post to boost your online presence and amplify your brand story

  • Round out your content with up to 10 bespoke graphics 

  • Talking points to make your captions more engaging

  • Guidance on using scheduling programs to free up your time






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